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Welcome to the Fleisher Law Office of New Jersey, the one stop destination for all your business legal needs. We are dedicated to offering our clients efficient and effective representation, with hands-on, aggressive litigation and excellent customer care. With our wide range of practice areas, we have your business covered. You can focus on what you do best, knowing that your business is in the best legal hands!

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    Our Mission

    If you are a business owner or individual in need of legal partnership, Fleisher Law has the services you require to succeed. This law firm provides innovative, hands-on approaches to litigation and business transactions, ensuring maximum success with seamless client care. Using technology to create a smooth client experience, Fleisher Law works efficiently for each client’s interest while always keeping them in the loop.

    Practice Areas

    Civil Litigation

    We offer in and out of the box solutions to help you win without the hassle.

    Landlord Tenant Matters

    From drafting contracts to filing for evictions, we keep the landlords and tenants satisfied. 

    Business Transactions

    We work with you to structure your transactions and contracts to ensure maximum success for your business. 

    Contracts & Negotiations

    Our client based approach with every contract and negotiation ensures that you are always protected.  

    Real Estate Closings

    Our meticulous attention to detail and constant communication makes sure that your deal gets done.

    Word From Client

    Great experience overall having Jonathan Fleisher as my attorney. Jonathan understands his client, very insightful and is an expert in his field. Truly a professional and competent individual.

    – Judah Ribiat, Application Pros.

    Working with Jonathan on a regular basis, I can honestly say that he is the attorney you want for your business. He gets things done quickly and efficiently and is a pleasure to deal with.

    – Shlomo Horowitz

    Smart, prompt, and courteous! I come to Jonathan for all my legal needs!

    – Ephraim Nussbaum

    Awesome lawyer! Look no further! 

    – Moe Berkowitz

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